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Permalink This is the world’s largest cupcake (as of August 2009).
And you know what?  I’m not [expletive] impressed.  I have never understood the popularity of the cupcake.  Chicks go absolutely ape-[expletive] for [expletive] cupcakes. A cupcake is just cake, but ten times smaller, and twice as expensive! If I bought a cake from Safeway, and put it in a foil “cup” wrapping it’d be a cupcake, wouldn’t it?  Now that we have established that a cupcake is essentially a mini cake, this is really just a very large cake, and for that reason, I am not impressed.A statistical breakdown of this ginormous cupcake.   
Made by (George Algarin and crew from the Merengue Bakery & Cafe in Monrovia, CA)
Weight = 1,224 pounds
4’ x 10’
200 pounds of flour
200 pounds of sugar
200 pounds of butter and oil
1,000 eggs
Permalink This is the world’s biggest pool.  
The San Alfonso Del Mar is located in Algarrobo, Chile and was completed in Dec. 2006.  It is 1013m (3324 ft.) long and covers 19.77 acres of land.  It holds 66 million gallons of water.
This shit was not cheap.  $2 billion to develop, and $4 million/yr to maintain.  
The pool has a pump that filters water from the Pacific Ocean.  
Do Chileans really like swimming that much?  I wonder if the blue whale and his massive wiener could live in harmony with the tourists.  
Permalink This is the world’s largest penis.
It is about 8 ft. (2.4m) long and belongs to the blue whale.  The smoothness and slenderness of this penis makes me queasy.  
Blue whales have considerable control over their weewees, able to maneuver and bend its tip to a certain degree to facilitate the mating process.  Faaantastic!
(credit: Stefan Anitei, Softpedia)


I am finally popping the cherry on this Tumblr. The idea is self explanatory. ¬†Every entry will be about the World’s Biggest _____. I’ll try to fact check and make sure everything is legit. ¬†

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